Attack on Hrudaya Kaleyam Sampoornesh and Steven Shankar

Actor Sampoornesh Babu and director Steven Shankar of Hrudaya Kaleyam fame have been attacked at a hotel in Hyderabad. Reports suggest that the actor and director were partying at a hotel in Madhapur celebrating the success of the film when a gang of youngsters in a semi drunk state started hurling abuses at them knowing who they are. Sources say that the abuses lead to heated arguments and all this finally ended in the gang of youth physically attacking the actor and the director.

The bone of contention reportedly was that ‘how a person like Sampoornesh Babu could become a hero in the film’. The gang of youth reportedly had the presence of few individuals who have industry connections. As they belong to the industry they reportedly took offence on the film and that’s how the abuses were started initially. Despite such attack no case has been reported yet on them because of their industry connections, although a formal police complain has been launched. We have to wait and see if the police take action on them or if they are left with mild warning.

The director Steven Shankar is the one severely injured and he has been admitted into hospital and currently is under hospital care. The actor comparatively was mildly injured but this incident has shaken them up completely.