ATT Telugu MoviesThe most recent release ‘Meenakshi’ on ATT platform Shreyas ET, RGV’s ‘Naked’ and ‘Thriller’ and MS Raju’s directorial ‘Dirty Hari‘; all of these movies have one thing in common besides their release on Any Time Theatre platform (ATT).

That thing is the sleazy content. After RGV’s stint on ATT platform releasing vulgar content and minting money big time with pay per view method, several Telugu small films have picked up a trend where they are using ATT to see Booothu films and make money, easily.

It’s known thing that it doesn’t cost much to come up with an APP to stream a film on ATT platform. Only B-grade films are making their way to ATT platform and other small films aren’t in the league at all to stream their movies on ATT. The intention of ATT platforms is to mint money by targeting youth but not being worried about small films.

This is the sad state of affairs of ATT and movies releasing on ATT are branded as sleazy due to the available content on the platform. Hope, we get to see some hidden gems and honest films on ATT, any time? Though, for now, this is how it has been, hope it would change and ATT turns a real saviour of small films.