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He Thinks Just Like My Son- Rajamouli’s Father

Vijayendra Prasad - Director AtleeWow wouldn’t that make the day for any director? Rajamouli’s father himself complementing a director that he just thinks like his son Rajamouli. You know whom Vijayendra Prasad called his another son?

Atlee, the director of the surprising hit Mersal. The film crossed the 200 crore collection mark and is the biggest hit for Vijay. Atlee shared his most cherishing moment with the writer of the film, Vijayendra Prasad saying that he met Rajamouli’s father at his home and he cannot forget what he said.

Vijayedra Prasad complemented Atlee comparing him with his son Rajamouli the Baahubali maker. He told Atlee that he thinks like Rajamouli where they catch the pulse of the audience and that he is like his son too. Atlee would have definitely reached cloud nine for such a great compliment. Mersal has also been released in Telugu as Adhirindi and is doing a decent job here.


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