Athi + Insecurity = Tamil FansNarappa, the Telugu remake of Asuran premiered on Amazon Prime Video last night. The rustic survival thriller has garnered a relatively decent response from Telugu audiences. The film is, more or less a mirror image of Asuran, minus the Dalit angle.

Coming to the topic, Narappa has sparked an ugly fight on Twitter. Wonder how here’s the story?

A few Tamilians on Twitter are saying Asuran is a poorly-made copy of Asuran and claiming Venkatesh is no match to Dhanush. In response, Telugu cinema followers are saying Dhanush can never come even remotely close to Venkatesh when it comes to acting.

Both sets of netizens are hurling verbal abuses on each other. The controversy has emerged into a Tollywood vs Kollywood fight on Twitter. The social media brawl is gaining more momentum as both sets of fans are even making personal remarks.

At a time when Telugu audiences are encouraging Tamil films and giving them strong openings in the twin Telugu states, Tamil fans are crying foul on Telugu heroes. Their Athi(overaction) and insecurity is very much evident in this case.