AtNartanasala Trailer TalkAfter Chalo, Naga Shaurya is back with a new film in a real sense where he is the lead. AtNarthanashala promises to up the ante this time compared to the previous effort.

The teaser of AtNarthanashala makes it clear that movie would be about gay comedy. The casting seems to be spot on for such a film. There is a lot of scope for the comedy given the theme and the actor, but the teaser is surprisingly muted on that front barring the ending shot. Maybe more will be revealed in the trailer, so let’s wait for that. For now, the teaser is enough to generate hope.

Check out the teaser below. Srinivas Chakravarthy directs AtNarthanashala. Kashmira and Yaminia are heroines opposite Naga Shaurya in the movie. The hilarious is going to hit screens not on August 31st.