At Last, Pawan Kalyan Finds Time!Krish and AM Ratnam’s Hari Hara Veeramallu is Pawan Kalyan‘s first-period film. The movie has been in production for a long time but is getting delayed for many reasons including the Pandemic. It was announced for Sankranthi 2022 but Pawan Kalyan set it aside and is finishing Bheemla Nayak.

In fact, Hari Hara Veeramallu has started much before Bheemla Nayak. Krish even shot another film, Kondapolam in the break when Pawan Kalyan was busy with some other film. Hari Hara Veeramallu has been already postponed to 29 April 2022 (as of Summer Special).

Bheemla Nayak has taken the Sankranthi 2022 slot of Hari Hara Veeramallu. Now that the Bheemla Nayak shooting is nearing completion, Krish and AM Ratnam has met Pawan Kalyan and discussed his plans to resume and complete the shoot. This movie is the comeback of AM Ratnam to film production after a long time and this delay will only increase the film’s production costs.

After completing Hari Hara Veeramallu, Pawan Kalyan will move to his next with Gabbar Singh Director Harish Shankar.