Aswathama – A Perfect Opportunity To Leave An Impact2020 has opened on a positive note for the Telugu cinema. Two of his biggies have racked in record numbers for Sankranthi. However, we have now gone past it and its time to get another success.

Disco Raja was the first biggie after the Sankranthi movies, but it failed to live up to the expectations. The next chance immediately passes to Naga Shaurya’s Aswathama. The teaser and trailer have worked in its favor. As a result, despite the dark theme, there is considerable interest in the movie.

The advance booking is below par so far, but they will pick up drastically once the word of mouth kicks in a positive way. Everything depends on the content now, which seems promising from the trailer.

A significant success here will go a long way in creating a substantial impact on the audience. The following weeks will see the release of tier two heroes back to back. Imagine having a massive hit among them? It improves the box office standing. It is how Chalo brought limelight on Naga Shaurya. The trade is waiting to see if it is replicated.

Aswathama hits screens worldwide on January 31st. Mehreen Pirzada is the female lead in the action thriller opposite Naga Shaurya.