asuran-telugu-remake-a-risk-worth-taking-with-hanu-raghavapudiTwo things have happened recently, that has made the Tamil flick Asuran hot topic among the Telugu movie lovers. First, a remake of the Dhanush starrer was announced with Venkatesh in the lead, and secondly, the original came out on the digital platform.

Having seen the movie, there is a widespread talk regarding the casting choice of Venkatesh and who could play other parts. But more importantly, the topic goes for a toss when it comes to directors. It is here that the makers join the fun as they are sending feelers out regarding the possibilities.

So far, the names of directors like Ohmkar, Krish, VV Vinayak has come out. The latest one to join the list is Hanu Raghavapudi. The first and last of these names have been entirely unseen even by fans. However, we feel finally the makers might be moving in the right direction with Hanu Raghavapudi as a probable.

We think Asuran remake with Hanu Raghavapudi would be a risk worth taking. Certain things are assured with the director, which others might not guarantee. Despite the lack of success (only Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha is close to one), a Hanu Raghavapudi film always delivers on performances, making and music. He is technically sound.

The problem with Hanu Raghavapudi has been muddled screenplays for even decent subjects. With a remake, and that too one like Asuran, that issue is solved. If he lives up to his standards in the rest of the departments, the remake could at least hold the ground in technical and performance departments.

Eventually, it will be all about the setting, and writing (concerning nativity), and if the soul of the original is transferred to the remake. It can be known only when the movie comes out. But, there should be no excuse for making an inferior product on all levels.