Asuran Streaming on Prime, Will It Effect Telugu Remake?

Asuran-Telugu-Remake-VenkateshThe web streaming platforms like Amazon Prime have become a real pain in the wrong place for the filmmakers not just in terms of stealing the audience and killing the box office collections but also in spoiling the fun for remakes.

Now Venkatesh’s Telugu remake of Asuran is might fall in trouble because of it’s original now streaming on Prime.

Dhanush’s terrific performance and Vetri Maaran’s intense making and screenplay made the film a hit and the people who watched it on Prime think it is not supposed to be remade and Venky should drop the Telugu remake idea to go with the heap of comments on social media. But would the film being streamed on Prime really affect the Telugu remake? Can Venkatesh repeat Dhanush’s intense performance?

Maybe or Maybe not! These online streaming platforms only grab a chunk of the urban crowd and the overseas audience watching it online can be the biggest drawback but you know, it can’t be avoided these days for any film with the streaming platforms competing to show the latest releases. But, the changes that they make in the remakes according to the nativity matter too which still leaves some hope for the Telugu version. Let’s wait and see.

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