Astrologer’s Shocking Prediction Of Radhe ShyamPrabhas’s romantic love drama Radhe Shyam is up for release on 14th January 2022 and the unit has started promoting the film aggressively. Today, the technicians behind the film interacted with media.

The director of the film Radha Krishna Kumar made an interesting comment. “Four years ago, I met an astrologer while working on Radhe Shyam’s pre production and he said the film will release only in the early half of 2022. I didn’t believe him at that point in time but his prediction is turning out to be true now. As for Radhe Shyam, we, the technical crew worked tirelessly for the film. We want to deliver a compelling movie watching experience to the viewers.”

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The cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa said “We rented a factory in Italy and hired a local team to design every minute details of the film. The director Radha spent over 4 months in Italy, finalizing every small detail. The visual storytelling will stand out in Radhe Shyam.“

Radhe Shyam is touted to be a proper love drama with an emotionally driven narrative. Prabhas and Pooja play the lead pair in the Radha Krishna Kumar directorial.

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