Astrologer's Outrageous Prediction on Pawan Kalyan!Pawan Kalyan gets targetted by trolls on many occasions because of his three marriages. As if that is not enough, a famous astrologer has made an outrageous prediction about Pawan Kalyan.

According to a famous astrologer Venu Swamy, Pawan will get married for the fourth time soon. He revealed this prediction on a Youtube channel recently.

This clip is being shared on social media by YS Jagan fans to troll Pawan Kalyan. Even though it is wrong to target someone’s personal life, anti-fans of PK are using his marriage issue to create a negative image about him. And this ploy has also worked to an extent.

YSR Congress MLAs recently made some comments on Pawan’s son Akira as well, which many of them found tasteless and cheap.

In the video, astrologer Venu Swamy also predicts that Chiru’s daughter Srija will also get married four times.

Only time will tell how true are Swamyji’s predictions.