Divorce - Samantha AkkineniNaga Chaitanya and Samantha’s divorce rumours have spread like a wildfire in the tinsel town. However, both Chay and Samantha have remained tight-lipped and maintained stoic silence before the media until now. Amidst this, astrologer Venu Swamy’s video on Chay-Samantha divorce is doing rounds on social media.

Venu Swamy claims to be a cine and political astrologer, who in the past has also given comments on numerous celebrities. In a recent interview, which is now doing rounds on social media, Venu Swamy is seen stating that the divorce rumour is not a joke but for real with some sort of disturbance taking place in their life.

“If the divorce happens then it would have a drastic effect on Samantha. Her career which was upwards, all of a sudden will tumble and will come crashing down. In contrast, Naga Chaitanya’s career will go upwards. Mark my words, the results will start reflecting from Love Story onwards,” says astrologer Venu Swamy.

The astrologer further digs out the old interview of his comments on Samantha-Naga Chaitanya’s divorce. In the old video himself, he stated that some sort of disturbances could creep in their relationship after marriage.