Asian Suniel Proved Practical Than Dil RajuTicket pricing has become a matter of utmost importance for Tollywood now. After the third wave, all the films have been releasing with Rs 295 pricing model in Telangana.

Dil Raju promised he wouldn’t impose any hikes for F3. However, as it turned out, the film didn’t go for hikes but the ticket prices were locked at Rs 295 across all multiplexes in the state. Dil Raju said tickets prices at normal multiplexes would be capped at Rs 250 but that didn’t happen.

Cut to now, Asian Suniel, who acquired the rights of Major for Telangana region is going with more practical approach than Dil Raju.

The ticket prices for Major have been locked at Rs 195 at multiplexes across Nizam region. This is the lowest ticket prices for any Telugu theatrical release after the third wave.

Senior most producer Dil Raju, with all the experience, went for high ticket prices after saying he understands the current situation and wouldn’t want to add burden on the common audience. But Asian Suniel, who makes limited films on a selective basis has used better business sense.

The audience aren’t quite ready to pay big bucks for non-big event films. Understanding the same, Asian Suniel has gone for a more economical pricing model than what Dil Raju did for F3.