Ashta Chemma which released in 2008 was based on the story of a girl heart broken with the news of Mahesh Babu’s marriage. Mahesh Babu was then heartthrob of millions of girls in Andhra Pradesh. The movie starts with a small introduction that all the female fans of actor Mahesh Babu were “angry” on him when he got married. Even the heroine is one of them, though she is a die hard fan. Although her aunt keeps telling her that it’s not possible to get her married to Mahesh she pays no heed and stays depressed for days. Finally, she compromises with her aunt by demanding that her husband’s name must be Mahesh.

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Nani, originally a Radio Jockey played the male lead in the movie. Later, he became a successful actor. His boyish looks and charm won him more female fans. He enjoys good popularity among girls on social networking sites. The news of Nani’s engagement on Vishakapatnam broke out causing major disappointment from his female fans.

Lets see if some one makes the sequel of Ashta Chemma about heartbroken female fans of Nani!

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