Arrambam posters in Telugu is Billa 3

Although Billa was made by Vishnuvardhan starring Ajith in Tamil, it has no connection to the Telugu Billa featuring Prabhas. While there has already been a Billa 2 in Tamil, the makers in Telugu are yet to work on a sequel or prequel. Now, Ajith’s latest Tamil release Arrambam, which is readying for release in Telugu, is being promoted as Billa 3 in the posters.

Arrambam was titled Aata Arrambam in Telugu, but out of the blue we see posters reading Billa 3. When Ajith has no connection with Billa in Telugu, one wonders why are they promoting the film with Billa tag. It looks like the makers are cashing in on the success of Billa franchise and since Ajith and Vishnu were part of original Billa in Tamil, the makers are making the best use of this familiar combination.

The film, which is already a blockbuster in Tamil, is slated for release in December in Telugu. Let’s wait and see how the film gets received in Telugu, and will it be a bigger hit here as well.