Trailer Talk: A Village Crime DramaActor Sree Vishnu is up with his next Arjuna Phalguna. After enthralling the audience with his last outing Raja Raja Chora, the actor has picked up a rural entertainer for his next. The trailer of Arjuna Phalguna got unveiled a while ago.

Directed by Teja Marni, close to two minutes, the trailer gives a glimpse of the life of a young lad played by Sree Vishnu. Sree Vishnu along with his friends does no serious business but while away time chilling and hanging out doing petty things for fun in his village.

We get some action and fight scenes, but the plot is kept under wraps. What happens to these friends and what makes them involve in a crime, the motive behind is not shown. But they are in some serious trouble and how they come out will only be known in theaters, on December 31.

Subba Raju plays the cop who is behind Sree Vishnu and his friends regarding the crime. Apart from fight scenes, we get to hear some funny one-liners too. Starring Amritha Aiyer as the female lead, Arjuna Phalguna comes up as a serious drama laced with commercial elements.

Check out the trailer: