Arjuna Phalguna Teaser |The teaser of Sree Vishnu’s new film Arjuna Phalguna is out. So far, we have only seen some intriguing posters and stills; the visuals now assure an action-packed, thrilling ride on cards.

Sree Vishnu is making a niche for picking unique themed subjects. Arjun Phalguna is also in the same vein. It comes with a fresh background and set up from a new team.

Right from the first frame, there is intrigue in the content. The dialogues and background score (fantastic work by Priyadarshan Balasubrahmanian) further enhance the impact. The setting seems to be the key here, along with the story. We will get better clarity with the trailer, but it is a job well done for a teaser.

Sree Vishnu is playing a grounded yet massy character. The latter hasn’t worked in a big way for him so far. We have to see if Arjun Phalguna changes it for him. The rest of the cast look fine in the short glimpse provided.

Check out the teaser below. Amrita Aiyer is the female lead in Arjun Phalguna. Teja Marni of Johaar fame directs the intriguing thriller.

Matinee Entertainments banner produces Arjun Phalguna. It is their ninth production balancing the biggies and the small-content oriented works. A release date for the movie is yet to be locked.