Actor Arjun is taking a new turn with his latest project which he will be directing. Arjun has had a history of making over 10 films which include Sevagan, Prathap, Jai Hind, Madarasai among others. Very soon he will be seen holding the reins of his next movie which has been titled Arjunin Jai Hind – 2. The salient feature of this movie will be the fact that it will be made in three regional languages — Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. As it happens, the movie will be shot in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi as well as several abroad locations.

Arjun feels that this new film speaks of his utter devotion and dedication to the entire media as well as the previous President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam. According to him, the movie mirrors Kalam’s dream of India becoming a superpower through overall education.