Arjun-Rejected-Shankar-Two-Big-BlockbustersWhen the top director Shankar started his journey, it was senior hero Arjun who trusted him and gave him a big opportunity to make the debut movie ‘Gentleman’ with him that eventually turned into a big blockbuster. Initially, Arjun turned down Shankar who was a debutant, back then. But, Shankar kept on asking him for a narration and when Arjun heard the script, he said okay to it.

Arjun even rejected his biggest blockbuster, Shankar’s ‘Mudhalvan’ (‘Oke Okkadu’ in Telugu). He was doing patriotic movies in those days and was apprehensive to do a Chief Minister’s role thinking it might spoil his image. However, he did it and we know ‘Oke Okkadu’ remains to be one of the best social dramas of Shankar till date.

The senior actor thinks his two films are the best among Shankar’s movies. The only movie he thought that he hoped it would have been nice if he were offered was ‘Indian’. He isn’t averse to sequels but how intriguing the story of the intriguing turns out to be is more important than just making a sequel for the heck of making it.