Arjun Reddy Shocks Biggie VivekamThree films are releasing this week in Telugu. Two of them happen to be Tamil dubbed movies. The films are Ajith starrer Vivekam and Dhanush’s VIP 2. However, it is the Telugu film that is surprising these big movies.

Arjun Reddy, starring Vijay Devarakonda is a real underdog. Not much was expected of this, and it is a small movie, but the confidence from the makers has rubbed off on to the audience. The producers took a bold decision to go with paid premieres, and the response has been superb. Even the next day bookings are fantastic.

While Vivekam has got more shows, it is Arjun Reddy who is ahead in advances. The length is a worrying factor for everyone but if the movie delivers it will be a big boost for upcoming hero Vijay Devarakonda.