Tamil Arjun Reddy Varma Trolled Arjun Reddy’s Tamil remake Varma had been followed keenly by the original’s lovers to see how would Tamil director Bala’s version of Arjun Reddy would look like. Meanwhile, to the surprise, the first look of the film leaked online pouring water on the expectations of the fans. To be frank, the poster couldn’t impress as anticipated making the long wait worth.

And the trolls poured in trolling the remake questioning the standards of the film if would match to that of the Telugu one. There is too much negativity coming online on the young hero Dhruv comparing his look with that of Vijay Deverakonda giving the film a disappointing start.

But, it is obviously too much for a fresher to perform like Deverakonda in the original and it always happens with the remakes for most of them fail to meet the original standards. Just like Malayalam Premam couldn’t repeat the same magic in Telugu when it’s remade. Also, it is too early to jump into conclusions with one poster, and one has to at least wait to see the Teaser and Trailer before they jump to conclusions. What say?