Dhruv-Vikram---Arjun-Reddy-RemakeThe background music is very crucial for an emotionally charged narrative-driven film like ‘Arjun Reddy‘ and Radhan, the music director who scored music for the original is going to score music for the Tamil remake of the movie ‘Varma’ featuring Dhruv Vikram and Meghana in the lead.

Radhan has already experienced the flow and the mood of the movie. His music added that much-needed aggressiveness and gave that instant hit for the movie. Therefore, he can do complete justice to the remake, as well. Though his tunes were said to be copied and lifted from elsewhere, they were said to be one of the biggest assets of the movie.

We dunno what changes will the makers of the Tamil remake do to cater to the tastes of the Tamil audiences. ‘Varma’ will work out wonders only if the raw and intense flavour is retained in it by director Bala who is known for doling out intense narratives. While Bala is helming the Tamil remake, Sandeep Reddy Vanga is directing the Hindi remake, as well.