Arjun Reddy Is The FastestThe film Arjun Reddy is turning out to be a goldmine for buyers in the overseas. The US collections, especially have been spectacular. The movie has now crossed million dollar mark.

On the fourth day, Arjun Reddy has passed Million making it the fastest among the small films. Recently Fidaa also reached the coveted number, but it had big names like Sekhar Kammula and Dil Raju attached to it. With a bumper Tuesday ahead, we have to see how big Arjun Reddy goes from here.

Arjun Reddy is doing phenomenally well for a small film across all areas. The movie has broken even in all places in two days flat. Low selling price is the reason. It is an unexpected boon to all the distributors and exhibitors, much like Fidaa, who have been reeling with losses due to some of the biggies.