Arjun Reddy Becomes Shockingly Savage at Pre-Release EventWe have seen Vijay Devarakonda as a clam and composed star and that is only before he has become Arjun Reddy. He is apparently transformed into Arjun Reddy as he completed the film. Vijay has totally become savage at the Pre-Release event today. He can be seen using all the possible derogatory words in his speech as he addressed the criticism that he got for “Overconfident” words at the trailer launch as they said.

Imagine how he was at the event if he made the audience chant the abusive word that comes in the teaser “Ma**r C**d. Vijay said he would give a F**k to those criticizing words and advised the youth not to give a damn about anyone that says you cannot do it. He also slammed the censor board for asking a mute for the above abusive word.

It just looks like a publicity stunt before the release as the movie is already carrying some hype, they want to spice up the game. Is this sudden blast of Vijay Devarakonda a genuine outcome or is it just a strategy to promote the film to that next level?