Arjun Reddy - Anasuya Bharadwaj Triggers a Fresh ControversyDon’t know whether it is some kind of publicity stunt or real, popular anchor Anasuya started targeting team for the cuss word that was mouthed by Vijay Devarakonda in the teaser of ‘Arjun Reddy‘. It’s an abusive word on ‘mother’.

The teaser was released long back, but Anasuya started her rant, fresh. She asked the makers of the movie and the lead actor from when did they start taking mother for granted and questioned them on their responsibility. According to her tweets, how can one take one’s mother for granted?

She is right, totally. But then, the abusive word isn’t there in the actual film which came to theatres. She even said that she hoped the team used their skills in an appropriate manner and honestly agreed that she didn’t watch the movie.

Of course, there is a cuss word in the promo material of the movie which was muted in the film. But, what sense does it make to respond so late when she saw the teaser? Only online users watched the teaser and heard that abusive word and with this fresh controversy, people who didn’t take note of the abusive word will definitely search for the word, carefully. Ironical!

This fresh controversy is going to be a feed for the online users for a couple days to come.