This year proved really very special for both Allu’s and Nandamuri’s family with the arrival of their new heirs into their respective families. Ofcourse, children bring a lot of happiness into one”s life and therefore Allu Arjun and Jr.NTR are two happy fathers who are presently enjoying the bliss of fatherhood. Any father would proudly present his heir to the world with lots of smiles and love. Allu Arjun did the same thing and shared his son’s Ayaan’s photo on his social networking site Facebook. To everyone’s surprise and delight, Ayaan’s photo registered more than 7.8 million likes.

This is something which every father enjoys. But there are some over zealous people comparing the newborns. These fanatics are dragging innocent newborns into the number game. According to their analyses, since Allu Arjun’s son registered more than 7.8 million likes for his first photo, they hope that Jr.NTR’s son’s first photo would beat the record and register more number of likes. It is something of the sorts like a war between Allu and Nandamuri’s families…putting the two innocent kids into the battle field. Is it fair by any standards? Entry of a new memeber into a family is like a prolonged celebration which never ends for a parent. Why to make them anxious with such fanatical and fake competition? What say folks? Don’t you agree?