Maa-Election-results postponedOn Monday, the City Civil Court heard the arguments of both the parties concerned pertaining to MAA elections irregularities case and postponed the judgement on results to 15th of this month. MAA President Murali Mohan and the concerned election officers were present during the court arguments and submitted affidavits to the court.

Meanwhile there is a talk in the industry that huge betting is happening on the results of MAA elections. And this betting is obviously on the MAA President candidates Jayasudha and Rajendra Prasad. It’s almost been a fortnight since the elections concluded and the drama still continues. Of course the drama began much earlier when Jayasudha came into scene challenging RP.

While the elections turned a prestige issue, the internal fightings, groupism and caste-based politics surfaced in the otherwise not so noticeable MAA elections previously. Both the parties have taken it up more a prestige issue where a simple understanding and compromising would have worked.