Are You A Womanizer? Hero Embarrassed!For some reason, Siddhu Jonnalagadda is facing the strangest of questions from Telugu media. In a recent interaction with the media, Siddhu was asked if counted the moles on the female lead’s body. Today, Siddhu was asked is he a womanizer.

Going into the story, Siddhu took part in an interview with TV9 as a part of DJ Tillu‘s promotions. In the interview, the well-known lady anchor asks Siddhu if he is a womanizer.

“In the trailer, you looked at ease. In real life, are you a womanizer?” the anchor asks. “Define womanizer” Siddhu replies. In response the anchor says “womanizer is a person who flirts with women, makes them laugh, chills and thrills them.”

Siddhu was visibly annoyed with the question that was posed but he kept his cool and answered patiently. “I don’t know about thrills and chills. But if I like a woman, I will approach her and talk to her politely,” he says.