Are You A Human?: Heroine Questioned BalakrishnaNandamuri Balakrishna‘s Akhanda is releasing on December 2nd. Kanche fame Pragya Jaiswal is the female lead in this movie and she plays an IAS officer in the film. In an interaction with, the actress excitedly revealed her working experience with Balayya.

“Balakrishna Sir is one hero who is punctual and believes things like Muhurath etc. The first day, we were sitting in a car and had to start at 8.02 AM. We got into the car at 8 AM and were anxiously waiting for that two minutes to start. They were like longest 2 minutes in my life,” she says.

“The good thing about him is once he enters the set everything will become silent. The chaos will not be there. So, I always wanted to have him on the set. He worked really hard for the film. He used to get up every day at 3 AM and be on the set by 5-6 AM,” she revealed.

“The film has many action sequences and they used to shoot really long for them. And all of them are really tough. He used to shoot the whole day. I used to ask him – Are you Human Sir? How can you do this? He would just smile and do his work. It was memorable to work with him,” Pragya added.