Are Naga Shaurya - Jr. NTR Relatives?Naga Shaurya is one of the good looking and talented actors in the industry. Even after having the looks and talent, he is yet to get into the  league and score a career defining hit film.

Shaurya started by doing romantic films and was loved by the audience for his grace and simplicity. When he made an entry into films, there were rumors that Shaurya is related to Jr. NTR.

As Shaurya spoke highly about NTR in so many interviews, everyone thought there is a family connection. But, when asked, Shaurya’s mom Usha has revealed that NTR is not their relative.

She goes on to add that NTR’s wife, Pranathi’s cousin is Shaurya’s close friend and her dad also knows her son well. Apart from that, they have no relation with NTR and they are just family friends.

Shaurya is doing back to back films in his career and is known to be a different person off-screen. He does not even carry his personal cell phone. His mother also admits the same and says he is very unique this way and that’s what makes him special.