Are heroes’ ex-wives gold diggers?

hrithik-roshan_suzanne-khanIn the recent times, the divorce of two celebrities was much talked about in the film industry. One is the divorce of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan from Renu Desai and the other one is that of Bollywood Greek God Hrithik Roshan from Sussanne Khan. These divorces are much publicised and a lot is discussed.

Since both the actors happen to be the top stars of their respective film industry, fans had been more in the favour of the actors and their ex-wives had to face the wrath of their fans for deciding to go for divorce. The worst allegation they faced from fans and gossipmongers is that they have turned gold diggers by demanding huge amounts for alimony.

While Sussane was alleged that she demanded Rs.100 crores for alimony, Renu Desai was alleged to have demanded Rs.40 crores. In both cases the truth is otherwise. Sussane and Renu are working ladies and hence they didn’t find any necessity to demand for alimony and they are confident enough to raise their kids with ample resources they have by the virtue of their work they are involved in.

Renu Desai turned a producer and later a director even. Sussane Khan is a very popular interior designer. What they expect is not to brand them as gold diggers alongwith others who are fighting for their fair share of assets from their ex-husbands. These two ex-wives certainly wouldn’t be in that league. Hats off!