babu-bangaram-kabaliThe moment a film in combination of Venkatesh and director Maruthi was announced, it was expected to have the biggest craze and business among all the recent past Venkatesh films. From the posters the film maintained the craze and now the teaser has sealed the deal.

Babu Bangaram craze has increased further and with a film like Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi behind him, buyers in both the Telugu states and overseas are ready to pay big prices for getting the exhibition rights. But is there an unexpected threat around the corner?

Kabali has now been postponed to July 15 which means it arrives a week before Babu Bangaram. It clearly has bigger hype and will get bigger release everywhere. Can Babu Bangaram withstand the competition from Superstar? Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t have been a problem but huge prices that the Venki starrer is getting due to factors above raises the risk factor. Let’s see who have made the right judgment.