Archaeologists in awe for Rudramma Devi!

Few Archaeologists have been visiting the sets erected by Thota Tharani for Guna Sekhar’s Rudramma Devi. They are reportedly in awe seeing the magnificent structures built for the movie. They also admired Thota Tharani for exactly replicating the historical monuments and showing it to current generations. Meanwhile, the shooting of the movie is going on in the Raj Mahal set erected in Annapurna 7 acres studio.

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A song ‘Anthappurmalo Andhala Chiluka’ written by Siri Vennela Sita Rama Sastry and tuned by Ilaiyaraja is being shot now on Anushka, Zara Shah and Nathalia Kaur. This schedule will go on till 20th of this month and with this 50% of the total shoot will be complete.