Jr NTR IrritatedThough Aravinda Sametha got a positive talk all over, it didn’t take much time for the film to slow down at theaters. These days, people are wanting a lot of entertainment and especially when it comes to Trivikram, the expectations are high on his humorous entertainment which was lacking in Aravinda Sametha.

The audience felt the movie is out and out serious with the dose of sad part added. It is hard to pull off a blockbuster without the entertainment factor and the support of the winning songs. The same hit the film badly as we can see in the US, the film is struggling even to get into the break zone.

Yet NTR feels the film had enough touch of comedy done by Naresh, Pooja or Sunil which actually didn’t help the film which is the major issue and is irritated when asked about the comedy lacking in the film. He opinionated that it is unfair to expect more comedy from a serious story like this asking not to stab a mark of comedy director on Trivikram who can also do strong stories like Aravinda Sametha.