Rana Daggubati Aranya - Nithiin Rang De Advance BookingsAfter some gap, we have two big-ticket movies hitting cinemas this Friday. The movies are Nithiin’s Rang De and Rana’s Aranya. Both are made for the big screen and target a different kind of audience. Unfortunately, there is a minor obstacle these movies have to overcome. But, it has already taken a toll on the advances.

A call is given for the All-India strike in support of the farmers. It has resulted in many early morning shows not being allocated. Many places have still not opened the complete booking to take stock of the situation. A late opening of the booking is reflected via low advances.

Coming to the two movies, they are as diverse as they can get. Rana and Nithhin are coming together for the second time. The last time they arrived together, it was a one-way street with Rana taking the lead. This time, however, Nithiin has an upper edge as far as openings are concerned. Whatever little bookings have happened, suggest the same.

The long-run will be decided by the talk Rang De and Aranya receive. The former can score big time if there is positive word of mouth. On the other hand, Aranya will need compulsory strong talk to survive as it isn’t a regular commercial movie.

There is no real challenge to these two movies; otherwise. Last week releases have been damp-squib. The previous holdover movies have come to the end of their run. Let’s see if Rang De and Aranya can make a mark, as more mass ventures are coming next week.