murugadoss - vijaymurugadoss - vijayWhenever AR Murugadoss teams up with Vijay Ilayapathy, he has something interesting to deliver with a message to society touching up on different issues. This time, he seems to have taken up a political issue that may be one of the hottest topics in Tamil Nadu in the current milieu.

The leaked pics from Vijay’s 62nd project say it all when we see senior Radha Ravi in the CM avatar and the cutout on the background make everything evident for us. Are they touching the sensitive political equations that happened a year ago? So, it looks like politics everywhere whether it is Rajinikanth’s ‘Kaala’ or Vijay’s #62.

However, ‘Kaala’ isn’t touching anything directly related to Tamil Nadu politics but Vijay’s forthcoming movie’s posters say a different story. Well, it all depends on the execution and the interest of the makers to decide the content of the movie if it is a political satire or not. Let’s wait and see if Vijay is taking a dig at present politics.