An interesting addition for about 100 theatres across Andhra Pradesh seems to be coming soon as the subsidiary of Ramanaidu Studios’ Hyderabad-based integrated film production house, Suresh Productions, is planning to equip them with an immersive 3D sound technology for cinema, the Auro 11.1. It is heard that to turn this plan into a reality, Ramanaidu’s two studios will begin with the mixing of audio for all Tollywood productions using the new Auro 3D technology.

This Auro 11.1, which has been developed by the United States based Auro Technologies, is already installed at approximately 30-odd movie theatres in India with the help of an exclusive deployment agreement with euro 1.15-billion technology company Barco. The reviews have been good which led to the increased demand of the Auro 11.1 sound technology in India.