Manchu ManojWell, marriages are made in heaven they say. Looks like this is one such marriage… Mohan Babu’s second son Manchu Manoj married Bhuma Naga Mounika in an intimate wedding ceremony at his sister’s house in Hyderabad.

In fact, both Manoj and Mounika are getting married for the second time. Manoj had a love marriage earlier with Pranathi, though both of them parted ways after a couple of years. Mounika was married to a Bengaluru-based businessman and their marriage failed too.

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However, in this case, Mounika has a son from her previous marriage named Dheerav Reddy. What’s heartening about this marriage is the fact that Manchu Manoj has openly accepted Dheerav as his own.

Usually, if one of the partners in a marriage has a child from their previous marriage, his or her parent takes care of that child. It’s rare that someone accepts the child of their partner from his/her previous marriage so openly.

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Manoj also posted a tweet captioned ‘Sivuni Aagnya’. The picture shows three pairs of hands – one of Manoj, one of Mounika, and one of Dheerav.

This shows that Manoj has lovingly accepted Dheerav along with Mounika into his life. The tweet showed the love and beauty of the moment and netizens are simply loving this adorable picture.

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