AP Ticket Prices Nani Cheeky CommentNatural Star Nani is the Chief Guest for Satyadev’s Skylab last night. Nani is also the Chief Guest for Satyadev’s previous release, Thimmarusu. Nani’s speech at Thimmarusu event sparked a big debate. He spoke at length about theatrical business and the ticket prices issue of AP.

Nani remembered about it last night and made a cheeky comment about it. “Satya don’t worry. I will not speak about theaters and ticket rates today. Last time the issue had gone so far and news articles are totally about it. But what I need to speak is already done and it is up to the remaining to speak. Let’s see if they speak or not,” he said.

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While Nani said it in a lighter vein, it also highlights an important point. A relatively small actor like Nani has spoken about it but so called big stars and seniors chose to remain silent waiting for someone to bell the cat. They will want to be in the good books of the Government and so are playing safe.

But then, if they do not have the courage like how a background less star like Nani did, what is the use of their so called stardom.

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