Chennai-Floods Pichatur and Krishnapuram dams closedAndhra Pradesh on Thursday had taken the risk of regulating the flood discharge from Pichatur and Krishnapuram dams, even though there is a risk of inundation of its own territory in Chittoor district. These dams across Arani river are full to brim and opening the gates to protect villages in Chittoor district.

The downstream water is further aggravating the flood situation in Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. The neighbouring state reached out to AP to stop the discharge from Pichatur and Krishnapuram dams, to save Tiruvallur leading to a catch-22 situation. Finally officials have decided to take the risk to help Tamil Nadu.

They released water in to irrigation canals to balance inflow and outflow at both the dams. In such conditions, there is always a danger of dam gates being swept away or villages in Chittoor getting submerged. But AP did that to help Tamil Nadu in crisis. But given the forecast till December 7th is bad, they are worried about the coming days.