We Can't Trust Jagan Govt: Film ExhibitorsNot so long, the government of Andhra Pradesh troubled the Telugu film industry with abnormally low ticket prices. Now, the government has started irking film exhibitors in connection with the recent decision to mandate online cinema ticketing.

The government has issued final orders to exhibitors, saying all the revenue generated through cinema ticket sales will be transferred to government account first. The government will then deduct the service charge and then allot the remaining money to the distributors.

This move by the government is leaving film distributors distraught. Here is one such statement.

“The government is saying it will take the money directly into its account and then transfer it to us. What if the government fails to release the revenues on time? What should we do then? How can we trust this process? We buy the films for high prices and then release them in theatres in AP. But if we don’t get the funds on time how can we survive” film distributors in AP question.

The issue is escalated to Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce and they have written a letter to AP government. In the letter, it is proposed that the TFCC will administer the ticket sales and share the live link with the government so that they can monitor and track ticket sales, occupancy, and other factors.

The government’s involvement with the ticket sales has drawn a negative response from distributors and they are refusing to sign the MOU sent by the government.