When the entire world is reeling under the pressure of heavy losses due to piracy and when country ruling the world have failed to control the menace, Telugu film industry had taken positive steps in the direction eradicating this evil in recent days. AP Film Chamber of Commerce had signed a MOU with Motion Picture Dist. Association in March which is yielding some very fruitful results.

Here are few of their achievements

1. The first operation resulted in the arrest of a Chennai-based individual named Rajendra Puvvadi running a syndicate specializing in camcording and burning pirated copies of CDs and DVDs. Investigations revealed that the accused was involved in shipping over half a million illegal DVDs with a total value of INR 40,928,015 (USD $716,000).

2. The second operation resulted in the arrest of two individuals, Mr. Kathula Chaitanya in Hyderabad and Mr. Praneeth Motamarri in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. They are accused of running a syndicate specializing in internet piracy based in Hyderabad. The syndicate owned three illegal websites and uploaded movie titles to over 22 international cyber lockers. They have uploaded over 1450 pirated movies in all languages including Telugu and Hollywood. The web sites run by then have generated 20.9 Million illegal downloads and has caused an approximate revenue loss of 209 Million INR to the Film Industry.

3. On the evening of 5th Jul’ 12, a Notorious Camcording Pirate from Banglore, B.S.Manojkumar was arrested by the team. Manojkumar has Camcorded over 370 New Movies in 4 Cinemas including a Multiplex in Hyderabad and in 2 multiplexes and 1 stand alone cinema in Banglore. His activities have caused several hundred crores of losses to the film industry.

4. Rama Krishna and Beerala Chandra Sekhar @ Shekhar naidu of Ananthapur were arrested on 07-07-2012 and seized of 6000 pirated DVD’s of Telugu feature Films and other languages and seized 21 DVD duplicator machines. Which can burn 230 DVDs in 3mins time. 2 Video shops and two Warehouses were seized.