Trailer Talk: Haunting And MysteriousThe Telugu OTT space has been running dry of late with not too many OTT exclusive titles lined up for the audience. Now, Aha Video is coming up with Anya’s Tutorial, a horror mystery thriller.

The trailer of Anya’s Tutorial implies that it is a mystery thriller with a horror backdrop. The lead characters are heavily influenced by a paranormal activity at Anya’s house.

Also, those who watch the streaming of Anya’s tutorial on YouTube are affected by the same. What is the paranormal activity? What are its consequences? The answers to these questions form the rest of the plot.

The trailer has enough horror and thrilling elements to build anticipation as Anya’s Tutorial heads for its OTT premieres on Aha Video on the 1st of July.

There haven’t been many compelling horror thrillers in the Telugu OTT space and Anya’s Tutorial taps into this territory. We need to wait and see what this mystery thriller has to offer.