buzz-eesha-rebba-in-rajamouli-rrr-movieTelugu girl, Eesha Redbba’s next movie ‘Raagala 24 Gantallo’ is releasing on 22nd November along with a couple of other films all set for the audiences’ verdict at the box-office.

Literally, the actress is struggling to get a hold in the Telugu Film Industry despite having a decent presence and looks. She needs a big break to survive in the industry and get decent offers from big producers, as well.

During the promotional interviews of ‘Raagala 24 Gantallo’, the actress was seen expressing how the filmmakers in Telugu have been disappointing her and also other Telugu actresses. She even narrated several anecdotes in a few interviews.

There is no counter-argument as one can clearly see very few Telugu actresses thriving in the industry playing the lead roles.

Will this film where she is the lead give her respite? Sincerely, we hope that Eesha Rebba gets a break with this movie and it puts a stop to her struggles in the industry.