Yes we know Bahubali has just completed a small fraction of shoot, so it’s definitely not regarding the acts or the looks in the film we are talking about. We are talking about the recently released making videos of the respective actors that were released on their respective birthdays. A glance at those videos once will make it clear what we are talking about. It’s about the views of those videos.

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Anushka video which was released a week ago has already surpassed the total number of views of the making video featuring Prabhas. Surprising isn’t it, well we are surprised too with this. Anyone would think that the video featuring Prabhas would have high views as he is the hero and a popular face across the state. But the views have shown us otherwise and this has made us to think what could be the reason for this and this is what we could make of it.

Unlike Prabhas, Anushka is a well known face in both Telugu and Tamil. The actress is currently doing not just one but three different epic movies which involves her in central roles and is not just a decorative piece.. Her birthday therefore, courtesy these big projects, had attracted more eyeballs online than that of Prabhas where he had to rely on his sole big project. But then the controversy surrounding the Prabhas video made up for this and yet Anushka has managed to get more views. May be we have to wait till December to see the response for the next making video featuring Rana and if it gets even more views, we guess the conclusion could be drawn that the film is getting more and more hyped up with each new video and Prabhas’s was just a beginning. What do you think? Do you have any interesting theory on why Anushka had got more views compared to Prabhas when the latter is considered as a rising phenomenon online?

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