anushka-shetty-steals-it-from-prabhas-in-baahubali-2Let’s admit it, many have seen the leaked footage and it goes without saying that everyone would be watching the movie in the theater too. So keeping that issues of conscience aside, what about the footage?

Just like the last leaked footage of Baahubali, the second installment too has taken everyone by surprise. Since one already had imagined how the fights are going to be based on first part, the footage shows sequence that is still beyond the imagination. But what really took everyone by surprise was the presence of Anushka.

She was seen in a completely de-glam look in the first part. Even in the images seen outside in various function and also the film Size Zero she looked out of shape, to put mildly. But what one saw in the clip was the ferocious looking Anushka of Arundhati. She was the most talked about thing about the leaked footage. One can say simply based on the clip that she is going to be awesome in the film if given enough scope. To all the Sweetie fans, it is time to rejoice.