anushka-sharma-one-year-marriage-pregnancyThese days it is very easy to whip an online hysteria and create a negative impression on anyone. It can happen whether intentionally done or not. The sad part is that whoever is getting the stick, the damage sticks with him. Here is the latest example.

One of the top actresses from Bollywood, Anushka Sharma has lambasted cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar. It is done due to a viral post where it suggested that Sunil Gavaskar has commented dirtily with double entendre on Anushka over the poor performance of her husband Virat Kohli in the ongoing IPL.

The viral post suggests something very vulgar which offended a whole lot of people. It was regarding an old video where Virat Kohli was seen practising cricket during the lockdown. But, the truth is that Sunil Gavaskar never said those words while commentating.

Anushka Sharma without verifying the authenticity went all guns blazing on her social media platform and asked the legend to be mindful of his words.

Initially, when the post went viral everyone criticized Sunil Gavaskar. However, upon knowing the truth many have taken back their comments and apologised. Will Anushka Sharma do the same for her knee-jerking reaction? We have to wait and see.