Sweety Shetty aka Anushka has entered her 30’s and still she is reigning in South films as one of the top actresses. Every year, the topic on her marriage surfaces and by the time anything solid happens regarding her marriage, the actress gets more and more busy with prestigious projects coming her way. So her marriage is taking back seat continuosly from 2-3 years. This time Anushka confirmed that she would definitely marry next year.

If marriage is on cards, then the qualities of the person who would be her prospective bridegroom would obviously surface. Anushka isn’t asking for more. Just a person who is taller than her and that person should accept her continuing her cine career after marriage. Anushka jokes that if she has more conditions, there is probably a chance she might be left unmarried because it has become quite a task for her parents to search for a bridegroom who matches with Anushka’s height :-).