According to some insiders, leggy lass Anushka Shetty is, working on strict diet regime to shed as many as 15 kgs for Telugu film Rudhramadevi. Since the role of Rudhramadevi tracks Anushka from a young age, she was asked to shed as much as weight as possible. We all know what a perfectionist is Anushka, and far will she go to make anything count.

A trained yoga expert, it is believed that she has gone back to doing hours of yoga and is following strict diet for the perfect look of the role. Anushka plays Rani Rudhramadevi of the Kakatiya dynasty in the film, which is being directed and produced by Gunasekhar.

The film is progressing at brisk pace, while lot of work is being administered to get the right look for this period drama. Recently, a set of one of the famous temples of Warangal was erected in a studio in Hyderabad. Art director Thota Tharani is working extremely hard for this highly ambitious project.