Anushka Shetty

Actress Anushka’s latest film ‘Mirchi’, which starred Prabhas, Richa Gangopadhyay and herself was released quite recently and fared very successfully at the box office. Following this success, a press meet was scheduled at the Mirchi office in Hyderabad where Anushka spoke candidly about her upcoming projects and her feelings on marriage and religion. She also shared her experiences working with Mirchi team and Prabhas.

Talking about her unique chemistry with Prabhas, Anushka maintains that the main secret behind this has been the script as well the director. As she said, “I strongly believe that those two are the secrets of good chemistry between any two actors and without them; the best of couple cannot show rapport onscreen.”

Presently, Anushka has been cast in Rajamouli’s latest project Bahubali as well as ‘Rudramadevi’ where she is acting under Gunasekhar’s direction.